Concept to Concrete


Steps for getting the perfect concrete.

Step 1

Contact us to organise a FREE onsite measure & quote.

Step 2

Once the customer has accepted the quote, Beau Crete will provide you with a contractual agreement to sign. To lock in and secure your start date we require a deposit.

Step 3

Just before the start date we will conduct an initial site inspection to insure site/job is still the same as quoted.


Step 4

Following this, we will begin site preparation . Site preparation may include excavation of the sub grade and will include formwork and renforcement being installed as per the project requirements. Temporary barricades may be installed for site protection. Depending on the size of the job.

Step 5

Inspection will be completed by the local council/engineer if nessisary. During inspection a series of checklists will be completed to ensure work meets our stringent guidelines and to ensure we maintain our high standards of workmanship, following Australian Standard.

Step 6

The concreting process will now begin. The concreting process includes pouring an finishing the concrete to the desired texture.

Step 7

We will then cut the concrete to detur cracking , following this we will arrange for your driveway to be sealed.

Step 8

Once your concrete has been sealed,your concrete is now completed by Beau Crete.

  • Please note that weather conditions can impact on our ability to complete work. Where weather conditions result in us being unable to complete work on your driveway within the above time period Beau Crete is not liable for any loss or liability incurred by you as a result.

  • Terms and Conditions are outlined in the signed contract issued by Beau Crete. The following steps are a guidline and may vary between jobs. Payments will be outline after accepting the quote.